New Year, New Game is Gnome Stew's annual challenge to tabletop RPG game masters everywhere: Run a new game this year.

A tale of two NYNGs, or why DriveThruRPG’s Sean P. Fannon is awesome

To my great embarrassment, I found out that DriveThruRPG not only runs a New Year, New Game sale, but they’ve been running it for three years!

We were unaware of DTRPG’s annual sale when we launched this website and our NYNG challenge, but I still feel like a huge dork for not knowing about it. Had I known, I would have talked to Sean P. Fannon over at DTRPG before launching our initiative.

Sean is a great guy, and we’ve spoken about this now. Not only is all well, but DTRPG is sponsoring our NYNG challenge with one hell of a prize package. I chalk this up to great minds thinking alike, and so does Sean. We’re going keep NYNG as it is, and our contest will open this coming Monday.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check our DTRPG’s New Year, New Game sale: 20+ RPGs that cost less than $12 in PDF.